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In Italy, in almost every place where two paths intersect, there is a square. And in almost every square there is a bar, which is actually also a café, which actually serves pizza, pasta, antipasti, etc.

Because that’s what the Italians like to do, to sit outside their café-bar-restaurant, eat something that just came out of the oven or the pan, and drink. Ten years after Rustico established itself on Rothschild Boulevard, and five years after it was joined by Rustico Basel, we saw a square and said to ourselves, “That’s it, Piazza Rustico.” Both Rustico and a square. You won’t find anything more Italian than that from here all the way to Napoli.

a toast for Italy. לחיי איטליהCampania lemons. לימונים ממחוז קמפניה באיטליה


With the Italians, everything begins and ends with a proverb. And it’s not just any proverb. Most of their proverbs being and end with food. Would you like an example? Here you go: “Dire pane al pane e vino al vino.” And in English: Calling bread bread and wine wine. In other words, calling something as it is. The pizza is pizza, the pasta is pasta. We don’t play with food. We just do it right.

Silence is Golden