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Rome’s residents call the restaurant they visit the most “my restaurant,” and the owners are always glad to hear that that’s how they are treated in the neighborhood.

Every real Italian knows that his neighborhood restaurant should be close to home, not on the other side of town. So Rustico Basel… Located on the southeastern corner of the most similar thing to a piazza in Tel Aviv, with a room for private events, outdoor seating and on the bar, Rustico Basel is the Italian restaurant of this side of town. The mozzarella is the same mozzarella, the wine is the same wine, and the Rustico is the same Rustico. Just on Basel Street.

פרמז'ן וגבינות כחולות איכותיות ברוסטיקו. Parmesan and blue cheeses in RusticoRustico TLV superb Italian wines. יינות איטלקיים מעולים ברוסטיקו תל אביב


With the Italians, everything begins and ends with a proverb. And it’s not just any proverb. Most of their proverbs begin and end with food. Would you like an example? Here you go: “Dire pane al pane e vino al vino.” And in English: Calling bread bread and wine wine. In other words, calling something as it is. The pizza is pizza, the pasta is pasta. We don’t play with food. We just do it right

Silence is Golden